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Wealth preservation

Wealth, once acquired, is far easier to lose than to retain or grow.  There are plenty of families who were wealthy once upon a time but are no more.  A few families have been lucky and found that although wealth has been dissipated through the generations every so often someone in the family does well and restores its wealth but this is not the norm. 

A plan for wealth preservation starts by recognising it is a discipline - a family has wealth and it is to be preservedThis discipline, once recognised, has to be preserved - and through the generations - or wealth is unlikely to be preserved.


Once the discipline has been accepted and established, there must be a plan to effect itThat plan is like a strategic business plan, it sets the objectives, recognises the threats and sets about measuring performance against strategic objectives.  It will embrace both tax planning and estate planning because minimising the effects of tax is critical to preserving value.  It might involve offshore arrangements, trusts and/or family companies but whatever is involved needs to be a coherent part of a tax efficient wealth preservation plan.

We act for high net worth individuals and families with landed estates and we are experienced with working with them and their other advisers in formulating and monitoring a coherent and strategic wealth preservation plan.

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