Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers

Our approach to work we do for you

Pretty much all of the services we provide to clients, whether to businesses, individuals, charities or other entities, are built upon our core philosophy of delivering value to clients.  Our experience is that clients don’t often want to see an accountant or a lawyer,  what they really want is a solution or result that adds value.  Our aim, working in partnership with you, is to deliver that value and to do this we follow a three stage process:

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Understanding you and planning what we do.

It is only by thoroughly understanding you, your situation and what you are aiming to achieve that we can identify what we need to provide.

If you are an individual it means understanding your goals and objectives.  It is the same for a business and this process allows us to jointly develop a strategy to achieve those goals and objectives.

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Providing the services

Once we have understood your objectives, planned and agreed with you the work we are to carry out we will undertake that work according to our professional standards of best practice.

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Review & communication

This is the critical stage and unless it is identified as a key stage in the process its benefit is easily lost.

The value we provide is not just a completed tax return, a set of accounts or an audit report.  It is a review of the results of our work, whether we have met our objectives and whether we have identified points for further consideration.  It is a two way dialogue and is part of achieving your goals and objectives.

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